Posted by: secretperson | March 24, 2008

Let Gurkhas Stay

In a state where it seems anyone can immigrate. Where we can’t afford to deport those who have come illegally and anyone from the EU, including violent criminals has the right to live here in Britain, the government needs to take a stand.

So of course they choose an easy target. People with a genuine connection to the country, who have fought and put their life on the line for us, and who have tried to enter legally. Why does the government think picking on the Gurkhas is a good idea?

Does it really think the anti-mass immigration lobby will be bought of by attacking a small number of immigrants. And by choosing the group, of any immigrants, who will gain most sympathy from even the most xenophobic of right-wingers (ok they may not agree with me they should be let in, but they’d agree no doubt they have more claim than a random Pole or Italian criminal).

So I say let the brave Gurkhas stay in Britain, they have earned it if thousands haven’t.

Philip Johnston in the Telegraph argues the case well.


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