Posted by: secretperson | March 19, 2008

Red Ken to Save Humanity

If we can get it right in our big cities, humanity has a future. That’s what is at stake in this election

Apparently Ken Livingstone believes the London election will determine the future of humanity. I hate to break his bubble of self-importance (that may not be possible) but as the only policy arguments I have picked up on are whether to have Routemasters or Bendy Buses I think he may be taking the London elections just a little bit too seriously.

Still, claiming the future of humanity depends on his re-election is better than his usual ‘Boris is a racist’ spiel of which there was more. He accused Boris of “dog-whistle politics”, i.e. saying things that aren’t openly racist but are codes to racists. Ken was introduced by Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in a racist attack in 1993. Now Ken may have gone on to say that a vote for Boris is a vote for racist murder, but if not I think the choice of introducer was a dog-whistle in itself! Slimy newt.

So in conclusion, back the English Democrats’ Matt O’Connor with Boris as second choice.



  1. It’s a bit of a shame O’Connor comes with the image of F4J about his coat-tails (or Batman costume). He seems to be articulate, sensible, and angry – something only apparently forgiven in Sandinistas and such people who are romantically lefty and conveniently foreign (so we can forget about them when we’ve had enough). More of a vote-getter than Garry “Oi!” Bushell I suspect; and of course an irony of Matt’s notoriety is that we all know that he is a husband and father, so no alienating the family-friendly vote who won’t vote for an unmarried man or woman (though somehow Edward Heath got to be PM. Another time, the past is a foreign country, and all that).

  2. Matt O’Conner is a great improvement on Bushell imo.

    The problem is lack of media attention.

    The beeb goes through the list of Mayoral candidates and stops after the greens. No mention of the English democrats.

    Maybe Matt’s got something up his sleeve…

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