Posted by: secretperson | March 18, 2008

Poles to Fight for Britain

The Army may fill gaps in recruitment with Polish immigrants. But it would mean changing the rules on who can fight. I understand the need for security in terms of letting people in the Army and giving them guns, but Poles are probably less of a threat than homegrown Muslims. Let us not forget the contribution of Polish fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain, we have fought together before.

The Gurkha regiments already fight for us, but are not well treated. For all Brown’s citizenship tests and allegiance pledges, being willing to risk your life in Britain’s wars should surely show commitment enough to earn citizenship. Why not have a Royal Polish regiment or similar?

I oppose mass immigration, instead favouring something targetted towards the needs of industry and the economy, aiming for zero net growth. Unfortunately the EU doesn’t allow this, and we have a lot of Poles here. But now we have for them some jobs, where there seems to be a genuine shortage of people, and where, without a market immigration won’t force down the wages. Much as I’d like to see the unemployed moved into work, I think making them fight is a step too far out of wartime, so why not let the Poles do it if they want to.

That is of course if the Ministry of Defence can spare the cash to equip them all.



  1. I quite agree, as an engineer I work with a lot of Poles in the production area of my company and you’d be hard put to find a more hard working dedicated personnel.
    If their English is good enough and they want too, let them fight alongside us. Certainly I’d trust a Pole far more than I’d trust a Muslim which I know is a terrible indictment on myself yet shows just how bad a PR Islam has managed for itself recently.

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