Posted by: secretperson | March 18, 2008

England’s Favourite Places

A survey by the Royal Mail, reported in the Telegraph of redirected mail, has shown that Kent is England’s most popular county to move too. Net gain of people, based on changes of address given to Royal Mail to help with forwarding letters, was highest in Kent, West Sussex and Hampshire, but high scores for Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset gave the West Country the title of most popular region.

Given that all the top counties run along the South of the Country and join on, I think it takes a bizarre regional view to separate out the West Country but if you will use those pesky regions! I think South of England is a fair summary, and rural England an even better one. Kent is known as the Garden of England, and the West Country counties mentioned are all rural.

It just goes to show that, despite our politicians lack of understanding of rural areas and their love of modernism, the English still have their traditional love of the countryside.



  1. People who move to those parts of the country are probably affluent and/or reitired and therefore more likely to have their mail directed.

    I’ve moved house about ten times in the past ten years and never had mail redirected. Mostly because I keep in contact by email and text message and do all my financial transactions online.

    In common with a lot of younger people I suspect, the only paper mail I ever get is my council tax (I don’t know why they can’t do that by email) bill and junk mail.

  2. I moved a lot too when at University, and used my parents as a redirect service. I know it’s not a hundred per cent reliable. All nice places though.

    And council tax is junk mail.

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