Posted by: secretperson | March 18, 2008

British Nationalism? What Nonsense (Telegraph)

Alan Cochrane complains in the Telegraph about how British nationalism (by which he means Britishness Brown’s plans not the BNP) plays into the hands of the Scottish National Party and Alex Salmond. I have to agree it’s a bad plan, but hopefully it will play into the hands of Nationalists both in Scotland and England. Britain , of course, is not a nation, but a multi-national state.

The problem with unionist and SNP-hater Cochrane is that he sees this purely in Scottish terms. It is likely any school leaving pledge would fall under Scotland’s devolved education system, so Brown’s crazy schemes for ‘Britain’ would, as usual, apply only to England. I have commented to this effect.

Independence for all!



  1. hear hear

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