Posted by: secretperson | March 17, 2008

The English Question – IPPR authors in the Guardian

Richard Hayton and Michael Kenny write here about their recent report for the IPPR (I blogged previously about it).

Now they are taking their message to the Guardian’s Comment is Free site. Let us hope they read the feedback, as think tank members I am sure don’t listen to people normally. They do repeat John Curtice’s statistics about English Parliament support being low, whereas really what he found was that it depended on how you phrase the question. They seem to dismiss both English Votes on English Laws and an English Parliament. They repeat the accusation that an England is too big to have equality within the Union. I know which of equality and the Union I would rather sacrifice, if their point is valid.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to know, maybe anyone interested to go to the site and let them know we won’t tolerate being ignored any more, and while their positive reception to the idea of English identity is a good step (compared to Brown) the only fair solution politically, and I think if we had the debate what would become the most popular, is an English Parliament.


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