Posted by: secretperson | March 17, 2008

It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad VIII – White Males should be Discriminated Against

New Labour’s Harriet Harman is hearing proposals that race and sex discrimination laws could be scrapped in order to allow firms to employ more women and ethnic minorities.

It has got a very scathing response so far, so no doubt Gordon will be out soon to save the day from another idiot minister, while explaining how she didn’t really mean it.

Apparently it would only be OK to take race and sex into account for two equally qualified candidates. I find it hard to believe there are many situations when people are exactly equally qualified so that things like past experience are identical. Will it ever come up that two people are so similar there is no way to choose but the colour of their skin? This will simply mean positive discrimination, no doubt with government targets on diversity to follow (House of Commons exempt). And if you scrap this legislation, will there be something in place so only women and ethnic minorities can be helped? Or as race can now be taken into account can we choose a white man?

Well not worth worrying about. I predict Gordon is getting ministers to say stupid things so he can try and look better. And I suspect EU law will stop us doing it anyway.



  1. I can feel it bubbling to the surface mate. Aint it funny how since the politically correct wankers have been in control EVERYTHING has gone to pot? But, they still think they are so right. Discrimination is discrimination. Geezer, I hate those bastard hypocrites. Here are some things that Harman might not want people to know about. She’s a feminazi whiteman hater for one.

    Harriet Harman – she’s so decent!!


    [edit] Discrimination against white males
    Hariet Harman announced possible changes to the race discrimination laws in which black and female candidates will be given priority over white male candidates in regards to jobs and promotions. [21] She also commisioned a report for all-black shortlists[22] designed to increase the number of MPs at Westminster at the expense of the indigenous British under the guise of positive discrimination. These proposals could face a challenge in the European court of human rights on the grounds of racial discrimination and have been condemned by many fellow MPs.

    [edit] Dislike of Fathers and the Family Unit
    In 1990 Harman co-authored a report entitled “The Family Way”. It criticised the family unit and mothers who stay at home. In particular it questioned whether men were an asset to families at all and whether “the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social harmony and cohesion” [23]

    [edit] Controversy over Iraq War apology
    Harman has been accused of going back on a pledge to apologize for its policy on Iraq. During the deputy leadership campaign Harman had participated in a live debate on Newsnight with the other deputy leadership candidates. Jeremy Paxman asked the candidates whether, if knowing what they knew now, any of the candidates would have voted against the war[24], Harman responded by saying that “if I’d have known if there weren’t weapons of mass destruction I wouldn’t have voted for the war. Clearly it was a mistake. It was made in good faith. But I think with a new leadership we have to acknowledge the bitterness and anger that there has been over Iraq and that we were wrong.”

    Later, when asked by Paxman if the Labour Party should say sorry for what happened, Jon Cruddas said that it should; Harman replied “Yep, I agree with that”. When Cruddas further said that the Labour Party could “rebuild a sense of trust and a dialogue with the British people” by acknowledging its culpability in the situation in Iraq, Harman replied “and I agree with that”. On June 25, her first day in the job, Harman appeared to backtrack on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and asked for evidence to be provided of where she had stated that the party should apologise.

    [edit] Speeding convictions
    In 2003 Harman was fined £400 and banned from driving for seven days after being convicted of driving at 99 mph (159 km/h) on a motorway, 29 mph (47 km/h) above the speed limit.[25]

    On 7 April 2007, Harman was issued with a £60 fixed penalty notice and given three penalty points on her license for driving at 50 mph (80 km/h) in a portion of the A14 in Suffolk which had a temporary 40 mph (64 km/h) limit. Harman paid the fine several months late and avoided appearing at Ipswich magistrates court.[26] A Labour Party source said of her failure to pay the fine “She made an innocent mistake. She forgot to pay on time because she was spending all her time on the deputy leadership contest touring the country.”[27]

    [edit] Campaign donation from David Abrahams
    Main article: Donorgate
    In November 2007, it emerged that property developer David Abrahams’ secretary Janet Kidd had given a donation of £5,000 donor to Harman’s successful deputy leadership bid.[28] After an investigation by The Mail on Sunday newspaper into other donations made by people associated with Abrahams, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s assertion that all such monies would be returned, Harman issued a statement saying she accepted the donation on 4 July “in good faith,” had registered the monies with the Electoral Commission and the Register of Members’ Interests, and that she “was not aware of any funding arrangements… between David Abrahams and Janet Kidd”.[29] Harriet Harman was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme on 27 November 2007 and was evasive when asked to confirm or deny that her campaign team had contacted Janet Kidd soliciting money and was unable to answer this question directly, preferring to change the subject. On 28 November the BBC’s Nick Robinson reported on his blog[30] that Mrs Harman had now revealed that her team “may” have asked Mrs Kidd for a donation. The blog entry goes on to wonder whether Mrs Kidd informed the campaign team at that point that she was acting as a proxy. Margaret Jay, Baroness Jay of Paddington who was working on the deputy leadership of Hilary Benn, questioned and turned down a similar donation of £5,000 by Mrs Kidd; but it was subsequently accepted by Benn’s team when made under the name of Mr Abrahams.[29] Kidd offered another donation to the leadership campaign of Gordon Brown, but was turned down as she was not a known donor.[31]

    [edit] Personal life

    [edit] Family connections
    Harman has significant family connections. Her father was a brother of Elizabeth Longford, the writer who wrote biographies of, amongst others, Queen Victoria and Wellington. Lady Longford was married to Francis Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford, the lawyer and social reformer. Harman’s first cousins include the writers Thomas Pakenham, Rachel Billington and the historian Antonia Fraser. Fraser is married to Harold Pinter, and was once married to the politician Sir Hugh Fraser and is the mother of Flora Fraser, another writer. Also, Harman’s great-grandparents were Arthur Chamberlain and Louisa Kenrick. Arthur Chamberlain was the brother of Joseph Chamberlain, the social reformer and radical politician who served under Gladstone and Salisbury. Louisa’s cousin Harriet married Joseph Chamberlain and they were the parents of Sir Austen Chamberlain, who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary. Louisa Kenrick’s sister Florence married Joseph Chamberlain after Harriet’s death and they were the parents of Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937-1940.

    Her sister Sarah was a lawyer and part-time judge. She resigned having been caught passing confidential papers to Harriet Harman, then Solicitor General. Sarah Harman was found guilty of contempt of court and “conduct unbefitting a solicitor”. She was ordered to pay £25,000 costs.[32]

    Harman has a house in Suffolk,[26] in addition to her ‘main’ home in South London

  2. I blogged about this myself. Harriet Harman believes in deliberately using discrimination as a tool to achieve political goals. I find this unacceptable.

    Did you see her quote a couple of weeks ago in Prime Ministers Questions? It was reported on the BBC that talking about what will happen if she becomes Prime Minister, Harriet harman said “There won’t be enough airports in the country for all the men who will want to flee the country.”

    She was making a joke of course. Personally I think it is in bad taste. It also sounds like hate speech if you substitue other groups of people in place of the word ‘men’.

    … Talkjack

  3. Hi Talkjack, and thanks for all your comments. I don’t consider Harperson’s joke hate speech, partly because I think that it’s a bit of a silly concept anyway.

    You are right though that if directed against another group… look at the response to Boris Johnson’s advisor’s throwaway comment about Black people being free to leave if they didn’t like London under Johnson’s mayoralty. Not dissimilar.

    There is a ring of truth though, I mean, as a man, I wouldn’t want Harriet Harman to become Prime Minister.

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