Posted by: secretperson | March 17, 2008

Images of St George Cross Wanted

The Icons website, which lists a number of English icons from Jerusalem and Stonehenge to the Pub and a Cup of Tea, is looking for self-taken images of the flag.

Now I know many visitors to my blog are interested in flags, my top two search terms people have used to find me are St Georges Flag and St George Flag! So I thought you might have some images that could help. This is a rare example of a government supported English project, let us show them that we are proud to be English by making it a success.

The site also takes nominations so if you have any other ideas…



  1. Hi,

    Whilst doinga casual search for images wanted I came across your site with the request for an image of St Georges Flag.
    Without delving into all the pages and links etc, have you found your image?
    If not, I just performed a 5 second search on Alamy which returned LOTS of images of St Georges flag.


    Phillip Hillier

  2. Thanks Philip, but the image wasn’t for me, I just thought my readers may have been able to help. It looks as though they are still looking, but Alamy won’t help as they are asking specifically for picture you have taken yourself.

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