Posted by: secretperson | March 17, 2008

Death of the English Pub

Paul Kingsnorth’s second Real England extract appears in the Mail today. This time he talks of how corporate interests have destroyed traditional pubs making them bland and all the same. Pubcos, organisations owning as many as 20,000 pubs also make it harder for landlords, charging high rent and restricting what beer can be sold.

This is all sad news. The pub is an English icon. A great institution, a centre of social life for villages and towns. The Inn, originally a travellers rest stop and the Saxon ale-house became the pubs of today. At least 20 pubs claim to be the oldest in England (source wikipedia dating back as long ago as the twelth century, although we know ale drinking was widespread before that time.

With rural post offices under threat, the government could do worse than support the one institution to consistently produce community cohesion over the last millenia. Maybe we could introduce pub games such as darts in the 2012 Olympics? Anyway, it will be a sad day if the local goes out of business.

Support your local traditional English pub.


  1. It’s all part of the once secret agenda to get rid of all things English.
    Don’t fret mate, if less English people are drinking alcohol, more English people are thinking straight! More English people will be thinking who is responsible for this?
    Besides, we’ll always have our boozers mate. Oh I have absolutely no doubt that the Englishman/woman will not be beaten by arsehole Gordon Brown and his dirtbag cronies.

    Who owns pubcos mate? What’s their agenda?

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