Posted by: secretperson | March 14, 2008

Do These People Even Listen to Themselves?

MPs, MEPs, quangocrats, think-tanks and so-called experts. They seem to be idiots to a man. MPs are demanding more salary if they are no longer allowed to abuse expense claims. If you need the money, they are legitimate expenses. If not, you don’t need it in your salary. And then this report from the Beeb in their health section.

A plastic surgeon has called for fines for drunk people, even those who cause no trouble. Based on three times the drink drive limit. As if policemen have the time to stop everyone on a city centre on a Saturday night and breathalyse them! There currently exist fines for drunk and disorderly conduct.

He also criticised the government’s tax rises saying

Why should we all pay when many drink responsibly?

Why should I pay for having a high blood alcohol content when I am acting responsibly? Isn’t making people pay who haven’t done anything wrong what you have just suggested? I have been drinking for years, I drink regularly, I can drink lots without being violent or ever bothering the police. Different people have different tolerances. Let the police on the scene be the judge of who is a threat, rather than wasting time on those who can handle their drink.

I’d be happy with a cut in alcohol tax too, but this plan is ridiculous. I have to ask myself if he even listened to what he was saying.


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