Posted by: secretperson | March 12, 2008

Scots Upset at Lack of Special Treatment

As Alistair Darling raises alcohol tax to cut binge drinking (read raise money), Scottish Whisky manufacturers are upset that whisky will be treated like every other drink.

Now Scottish Gordon Brown, in all his high tax time as chancellor never once increased tax on spirits, no doubt out of loyalty to one of the main exports from his home country. England’s traditional pint of beer has suffered no such special treatment, with taxes rising 23%.

But fellow Scot Alistair Darling has dared to treat spirits, including whisky, in the same way as other alcohol. Of course it is claimed that binge drinkers don’t drink Scotch, which may be true as it is already expensive. But they probably also don’t drink Real Ale.

I think it is typical that whisky manufacturers expect, and have recieved in the past, special treatment purely based on their nationality. But then that is what we have come to expect from New Labour when dealing with Scotland.


  1. Quite agree, artisanal local products should be treated as such and given some kind of tax reduction. This would include scotch whisky and ales made by smallscale local brewers.

    CAMRA are equally upset about the new taxation being applied to craft beers.

    But it doesn’t make headlines the same way for some reason, despite as many people drinking real ale as malt whisky (probably).

  2. I don’t object to a lower tax on whisky (it is taxed higher than beer due to the high alcohol content), the Tories have hinted at taxing alcopops more and cutting tax on low-alocohol (<2.5%) beers.

    I just can’t believe after 10 years of no tax increases because they are Scottish, they can now feel they are being picked on, when Real Ale for example has had tax increases.

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