Posted by: secretperson | March 11, 2008

More Britishness and Citizenshipness

Following on from the plans to swear allegiance to the Queen more reports are coming through the press of Boring Gordon’s plans for Britizenship.

These all seem to be coming, but at different times from Lord Goldsmith’s review of citizenship. I can find no publications so these are presumably leaks, that may not even make the final document.

Other ideas include changing the national anthem to avoid offending ‘rebellious Scots’ as I reported previously.

Also mentioned is a new public holiday for Britishness. I think this has been floated before, with people consulted over when the day should be, but if I remember rightly with very little agreement. I of course, as an Englishman first and foremost want a holiday on St George’s day. The other nations could have their own patron saints’ days reflecting the multi-national nature of Britain. But I don’t think that is what Gordon is really going for.

Apparently Brown favours something based on traditions and the Armed Forces, whereas Goldsmith will recommend something more forward looking. I think the Armed Forces would prefer some proper equipment, or fewer deployments. They are unlikely to be bought of with a special day when their colleagues and friends lives are at risk. Plus we already have Rememberance Day. Strange that the Telegraph in this report mentions its own, abandoned, Call Yourself British campaign. Will they resurrect it to yet more comments from those who feel Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English? We will see.

And of course the Britizenship review will fail to adress the concerns of the 85% of the population who live in England and suffer a financial and democratic deficit. No mention of an English parliament, the only solution to these problems.

Also, for all this talk of citizenship, in conjunction with an oath of Royal Allegiance, are we not forgetting that we are not citizens of the United Kingdom, but subjects of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.



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