Posted by: secretperson | March 8, 2008

Save English Food

Tesco claims traditional British recipes are in danger of dying out (I couldn’t find anything on Tesco’s own site). A full list is here

Apparently Beef Wellington, Steak and Kidney pie and Lancashire Hot Pot along with puddings like Spotted Dick and Sherry Trifle are in danger of disappearing by 2021 if we continue to cook foreign food at home. I am as guilty as any on this.

I enjoy foreign food (even if we can probably claim some curries as English) but if it replaces rather than adds to British and English dishes it will be sad. That isn’t diversity. Foreign food is often spicy or exotic, but is probably favoured as easier to cook than stuff involving a long time in an oven.English breakfast and Sunday Roast are not mentioned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are reducing too in these health conscious times. What we need is more sense of our traditional English identity and to realise these hearty foods reflect our hearty characters. We need a food equivalent of CAMRA to save our most delicious dishes.

Now this has got me thinking what to cook today…



  1. “We need a food equivalent of CAMRA”
    – that’d be Slow Food.

    “Slow Food, founded in 1986, is an international organisation and movement which aims to protect the pleasures of the table from the homogenisation of modern fast food and life. Taste education, the conservation of agricultural biodiversity and the protection of artisan foods, skills and traditions are central to Slow Food’s local, national and international activities.”

    There is a Slow Food London group (‘convivium’).
    I think you’ll find that’s your CAMRA equivalent.
    No, it doesn’t have much of an image in the UK yet, but at least it doesn’t have an image that works against it (cf. CAMRA’s beards-and-sandals image – despite which a third of CAMRA members are female and many are young).

  2. Thanks for that Chris the link is here if anyone is interested.

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