Posted by: secretperson | March 6, 2008

Berwick Theatre Wants to Charge Scots More!

A plan for the Maltings theatre in Berwick to offer discounts to Berwick residents has been abandoned after it was called racism by Scottish National Party MSP Christine Grahame. As Berwick borders Scotland the plan would apparently be ‘indirect discrimination’. The plan was suggested after the Scottish Borders Council refused to contribute to the council funded theatre despite many Scots taking advantage of the facility.

You will remember no doubt this Christine Grahame was one of the movers behind Scotland trying to annexe Berwick a few weeks ago. You might also remember one of the reasons Berwicians supported this was the lack of tuition fees for Scottish students in Scottish Universities, which English students have to pay. Sounds like direct discrimination to me. And yet in the case of the theatre she cries racism – hypocrite.

Hat-tip to Democracy for England.



  1. Theres nothing new there spolit little jock,full of double standards & hypocrisy! so what happens they get away with it again, Shame on the maltings Theatre for backing down,if were the other way around just would not happen! to Hell with that Christine Graham!

  2. Christine Grahame? Thank the lord she emigrated to scotland! She fits in there. What with her utter school playground hypocrisy. Yeah, she’s English. Well, I state that she’s English. She is English born but not English in spirit. She is a sad crusty old bitch! She thinks shes a jock. Ha! ha! Ask a jock what she is. She aint no jock. The SNP are just using her to do their dirty work and so they can say she cant be anti English because she is English. Yeah SNP hypocrites, where was Rod Stewart born? He still claims to be a jock. And what about the English-born duo of Matt Elliott and Don Hutchison? They played for scotland.
    I really like the assessment of the old bitch Grahame by the scottish born Engerlander who runs the following website “why England needs a parliament” He summed the mare up!

  3. Thanks for the link,well there are all sorts of twisted people,with all sorts of agendas & this bag of skin is no different ! interesting comments I wonder whats coming next.

  4. So the Scottish government is racist for charging English students tuition fees at Scottish Universities the. What wasn’t mentioned was that English people outside of Berwick would also have to pay full price for their theatre tickets.

  5. You are right Paul but apparently as the people using it were more likely to be Scots it was ‘indirect discrimination’. Rubbish of course.

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