Posted by: secretperson | March 5, 2008

It’s Political Correctness gone Mad! VII – Proms Not Inclusive Enough

Or rather Margeret Hodge gone mad. The Culture Minister praised Coronation Street and attacked the Proms for not encouraging “shared identity”.

“The audiences for many of our greatest cultural events – I’m thinking in particular of the Proms – is still a long way from demonstrating that people from different backgrounds feel at ease in being part of this.

Funny I thought they were there to entertain not to brainwash. Not every institution in the land needs to be working on Gordo’s Britishness agenda. And by people of different backgrounds feeling at ease? Does she mean poor, ethnic minorities etc? How does she know they ‘don’t feel at ease’ maybe they just don’t like classical music.

And what does Coronation Street do to encourage shared values. I bet many upper class people don’t watch Corrie, should it do more to make them feel included? This is ridiculous, these champions of ‘diversity’ who want everything to look the same so every audience can be made up of the right proportions of people sharing New Labour’s values. That isn’t diverse, diversity is different people liking different things.

On one hand multiculturalism encouraged separatism and segregation by encouraging minority groups to associate with their cultures to the exclusion of a common culture. And now, in the name of shared values and inclusiveness, long standing British traditions are being attacked for not appealing to more groups.

Despite the government wanting young people to get five hours of culture a week, they have obviously decided this culture should be lowest common denominator to be more inclusive.

And of course Ms Hodge is thinking of the Last Night of the Proms, ignoring the months of diverse cheap classical music available before that. I think it is probably the flag waving (flags of all nations mind) Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory singing patriotism that Hodge really objects to. The left are never comfortable with patriotism

I don’t know how the New Labour ministers can keep a straight face speaking their New Labour version of management speak on ‘shared values’ etc. And how they can suggest a very British patriotic event isn’t doing enough to encourage these British values they love. Because when Gordon says ‘British values’ he doesn’t mean the values Britain holds, he means the values he holds and wants Britain to hold.



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