Posted by: secretperson | March 3, 2008

EU Protest – Direct Action Too

The Beeb has this report of EU protestors scaling a crane to hang banners saying “Referendum Now” and “Give Us Our Vote”. It’ll be interesting to see how much publicity this gets compared to the 3000 peacefully lobbying MPs or the series of mini-referenda showing 88% want a referendum? Is direct action always more effective in getting media time? We shall see.



  1. It’s getting to the time when we will have to look at other ways to sort out the mess this country is in. We didn’t vote for the current E.U set up.
    The politicians are not listening to the people.

  2. I can’t take this any more, especially after the whitewash yesterday in the commons – how do I protest???? How do I get my voice heard and how do I do what I can to stop the destruction of this nation?

    Yours feeling impotent…


  3. Sorry Steve I am all out of ideas, the EU seems to be an unstopable juggernaut. But writing to MPs and Lords (where the bill goes next) and papers. Voting for Eurosceptic parties, especially in Euro elections. If your MP is Tory, they have a lot of sympathy with us and are most likely to be turned. Getting a retrospective referendum as one of there policies would be good. Check UKIP, I Want a Referendum and Better of Out for possible protest campaigns.

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