Posted by: secretperson | March 1, 2008

Young Tories – How to Remove MPs

The letter entitled Sanctions against MPs on this link is from 27 Conservative MPs, all elected for the first time in 2005. It suggests that, rather than being disciplined by a Commons committee, or sacked by their party but still allowed to stay as an MP until the next election, MPs should be accountable to their voters. The mechanism is called a recall and is similar to one in America. If a certain percentage of a constituency sign a petition, a vote an be held on ‘recalling’ an MP.

I am not sure if this means a simple yes/no on removing the MP or whether it would prompt a by-election but it sounds a great idea. It would force MPs to be mindful of their constituents views as much as their parties. They wouldn’t be able to only pay attention once every 5 years, they could be called to task for broken promises straight away rather than hoping they’d be forgotten. The electors of Old Bexley and Sidcup could remove corrupt MP Derek Conway. Those MPs reneging on their pledges to hold an EU treaty referendum might think twice if their were real referenda on their futures.

I wonder if a similar countrywide ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in the Government might also prompt a general election – or would that be a step too far.


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