Posted by: secretperson | March 1, 2008

It’s Political Correctness gone Mad! VI – English Flag Ban

A report for Children’s Secretary Ed Balls has concluded “The general perception amongst parents was that it was no longer acceptable to be proud to be English”.

Kids are apparently being sent home for wearing clothing with the Cross of St George on as misguided teachers think it is somehow offensive. You can guarantee it is not foreign children complaining about the flag of the country they live in but ‘well meaning’ (or self hating) white middle class English people who love to be offended on others behalfs to prove who tolerant they are. You can guarantee that they would never ban the flags of other nations.

Well I am English, I am proud to be English. I fly the flag with pride and when I have children they will be free to do the same if they want to. Hopefully by then we’ll be living in an England politically free, and as a result more at ease with its own identity.



  1. I as a representative of a nation with inferiority complex must say that I’ve always envy you (English people) your pride of being English. Keep it real 😉

  2. Hi Martiga, our leaders don’t like it when we are proud, but we are anyway! And so should you be of whatever country you are from. Ignore that inferiority complex like we ignore our guilt complex.

  3. I do ignore it. I am Polish and I am very proud of it. You may know some polish people as there are so many of us in Britain at the moment. It’s a shame though that most of us seem to look up to other nations and don’t appreciate our own. I think it is great and beautiful that you put your flag in you windows and I myself wear a T-shirt with a huge sign Poland on it.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t know any Polish people here in England, although I did when I lived abroad myself, I have only just moved back.

    Some people think because we are proud of being English we must not like other countries, that is just not true! I am proud of my country and it is nice to see others who are proud of theirs.

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