Posted by: secretperson | February 28, 2008

Cry God for Harry, England and St George

Third in line to the throne, Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan secretly. After media furore made him such a potential target when it was suggested he might go to fight in Iraq, this placement was kept quiet. It came out via an Australian source and America’s Drudge report website.

Good on Harry. A man who could have quite easily taken advantage of his royal position wanted nothing but to be treated like any other soldier. He didn’t want to be “a bullet magnet” and endanger the life of his fellow soldiers, but wanted to do his bit and do what he was trained for. Harry follows in the footsteps of his grandfather Prince Philip and uncle Prince Andrew in seeing active service.

It is a shame that this has been revealed. It was the perfect solution to the problem of sending Harry abroad. Much as I am a supporter of the constitutional monarchy as a system, I believe the royal family should be treated like every one else. It is good for Harry, the Army and the Country that this happened, although I don’t know what will happen next.

Perhaps we can once again introduce compulsory longbow practice and invade France!

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