Posted by: secretperson | February 23, 2008

England’s Greatest Triumph?

is probably the English language. And there is to be a new musuem to celebrate it. Based in Winchester, major city in the time of Alfred the Great, one of the biggest promoters of English in our history. Alfred was pushing vernacular translation of biblical and other texts 500 years before Wyclif got into so much trouble. With influences mainly from Norse and Norman French, English gradually evolved (via the middle English of Chaucer, past the modern English of Shakespeare) into the language we know today. Spoken by millions world wide. We might claim Common Law and Parliamentary Democracy as English achievements, football, rugby and cricket, and (in collaboration with our British neighbours) both the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Just imagine how different the world might look without us! So what do you think is England’s greatest triumph? Hat-tip to Terry Heath at CEP Buckinghamshire.


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