Posted by: secretperson | February 22, 2008

Single Women do Most Unpaid Work (apart from men)

According to the Telegraph ” ‘Bridget Jones’s’ do the most unpaid overtime “. The story includes the quotes “Single women in their thirties – the “Bridget Jones generation” – do the most unpaid overtime” and from Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary “Single women do more unpaid overtime than mothers, fathers and single men”

But if you read the Guardian the real figures show that single women are more likely to do unpaid overtime than the other groups mentioned, but don’t actually do as many: “Fathers who do so work an average of 8.3 hours unpaid each week, compared with 7.4 hours for single men, 6.9 hours for single women and 5.7 hours for women with children.”

So a bit miss leading from the media then. But otherwise a nice study to show the bleeding obvious. Women work less after they have kids to look after. And men with kids have to work harder to support them. (Yes I know this is unpaid work but it all helps if your boss thinks you are a hard worker.)


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