Posted by: secretperson | February 18, 2008

Sharia Sharapova – Why Islam is Wrong




  1. it is a matter of shame to attack any religion.we should not show kinda view to any religion. try to show respect to others religion.

  2. Is this an attack on religion? Or is it saying the only reason westerners oppose Sharia is their decadent love of degrading and demeaning women to nothing more than their looks?

    I’ll let the reader decide.

  3. Sorry, I disagree. Religions are not all morally equivalent simply because they are (or claim to be) religions. For millions, Marxism (communism?) had the force in their lives of a religion, and many defended it as fervently. Yet under its banners (as indeed, under the banners of many more traditional religions) millions of people were slaughtered.

    No religion can claim to perfection, yet many try to light the pathway for our closer union with God.

    When I consider religion, and the value of comparative religions, I look first at the relationship they see between God and Man. Christianity is very clear on this – God is the Father, we are the children.

    And this intimate relationship with God is telling. From Him we directly inherit our own hopes and aspirations for our own children, and it’s from that that we can discern His feelings at our failures.

    If a religion characterizes the relationship between God and Man as being one of Master and Servant, I cannot consider that religion to be morally equivalent to one which sees the more intimate parent-child relationship. What servant can ever hope to inherit the Master’s legacy? Yet Jesus makes it clear that we are God’s children, not His servants.

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