Posted by: secretperson | February 17, 2008

Brown on Politics Show on Devolution

Gordon Brown will be on the BBC’s Politics Show, at 12 on BBC1 today. The Beeb have a brief review of the interview, in which Brown backs a review of the Scottish parliament’s powers, with particular emphasis on tax raising powers. I suppose this is his support for the ‘Wendy Commission’ in which Labour (and their Unionist friends the Conservatives and Lib Dems) try to put off support for the pro-independence SNP by giving them more steps on thje way to independence, but refusing to consider the full option.More power to Scotland is a good thing I think, but if not accompanied by English devolution only increases the unfairness of the West Lothian question. On the plus side I don’t believe it will stop support for independence. Just like devolution didn’t stop calls for independence and the Nats now form the biggest party. Give them more power and, if they use it well, they’ll ask for and get more. Good luck to the SNP. It seems the English question will only be solved by default. Anyway I’ll be watching the interview to see whether Gordon can say England.UPDATEThe interview is only on the Scottish edition of the Politics Show, so I won’t be able to bring you any more details. Any Scots who watch it may want to add more? 


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