Posted by: secretperson | February 16, 2008

Brown Praises Union to Welsh

In this story about Harriet Harman attacking the Tories in a speech to the Welsh Labour Party, Gordon gets his usual Unionist comments in.

“Our message is one for the whole of the United Kingdom: stronger together, weaker apart,”

Yes Mr Brown I’ve heard that one before. In fact David Cameron says the same thing.

“We also know whether it’s the need to cooperate for a safe environment or national security, or for the safeguarding of pensions and general economic success, that there is no Wales-only, no England-only, no Scotland-only solution to the biggest challenges we face.”

Is their really a Britain-only solution to environmental problems? I’m not convinced about the others either. It is clear that Wales and the rest could still collaborate, even if Plaid Cymru do well in the May local elections. Glad to see it’s not just England that has to put up with Boring Britishness Brown banging on with the same cliches. And the day I listen to him lecture anyone about safeguarding of pensions after his tax raid….


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