Posted by: secretperson | February 11, 2008

Scotland and Wales Told of English Decisions First

Gordon Brown looks likely to scrap the planned super-casino in Manchester. But surprisingly this was revealed in letters to Scottish and Welsh ministers. There is a statutory right to consult Scottish and Welsh ministers, and so they were sent letters informing them of the decision to go ahead with 16 smaller casinos, but not Manchester’s super casino.

If only we had some kind of English body so we wouldn’t have to find these things out second hand. Of the 16 casinos one is in Scotland and one in Wales. Why was it necessary to consult on the others?

And why is this a job for central government anyway. If there is investment why can’t Manchester council, who support it give the go ahead for a casino? Or Blackpool who lost out and also wanted a super-casino, why not two? It’s like a game of monopoly, with Gordon holding 16 houses and a hotel and having to share them around the country. Only life’s not really like that, except in New Labour world.



  1. The surprise is – it doesn’t surprise me.
    Why bother to address the democratic shortfall of 50 million people when you can Brown nose a celtic tail?

  2. Yeah surprising was probably the wrong choice of word. It’s pretty standard England being ignored by now.

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