Posted by: secretperson | February 11, 2008

EU Treaty Should be Decided by Parliament – So why Not Debate it Properly?

Gordon Brown told us (quite disingenuously given his parties commitment to a referendum) that Parliament is the proper place to debate the Lisbon constitreaty. So why has only 12 days debate been allocated on such a complex treaty, despite the opposition wanting much much more. The Telegraph has this opinion piece on why the debate is a joke.

The government gets to choose a debate topic for each day, the line by line scrutiny of a normal parliamentary bill is ignored. And once ratification is in place, other aspects are to be debated and decided in secret in Europe, such as a new interior ministry (COSI) which could have wide ranging powers not subject to parliamentary democracy. Dangerous moves indeed.



  1. The ones who want EU preparatory work to take place in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability should perhaps check their preferences for intergovernmental cooperation and opt for enhanced EU level democracy.

  2. Intergovernmental cooperation need not be a problem if the governments in questions are properly accountable to their own parliaments. The EU parliament lacks the consent of the people of the EU, by all means give it power, but only after a referendum. Power is only lent to the political institutions by the consent of the people. It is not our parliament’s to give away.

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