Posted by: secretperson | February 5, 2008

New Labour Disciplines Democrats

Labour MPs who support a referendum on the EU Constitution (renamed Lisbon Treaty), as promised in their election manifesto, are to face disciplinary action from the Labour Party. I find it quite astonishing that we, the voting public, have no recourse to attack a party which breaks its promises, but that same party can threaten expulsion on members for doing the right thing.

It stems from an I Want A Referendum campaign of mini-referensa in the marginal constituencies of some MPs who are voting for the EU treaty, without the referendum they promised. Most of the chosen MPs represent Labour, and these polls could damage their chances in the next election. I can understand why the party is upset, but for me it just sums up that politicians are putting party political interests first and the interests of the electorate a low second.

If the EU is so good, engage with these people, campaign for a yes in the referenda. That would certainly prove a point. Problem is they know they are in the wrong and they know they’d lose. If the EU has done anything for us, it has lowered even further the respect our politicians had for democracy.



  1. Don’t be gordonized. Vote YES at!

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