Posted by: secretperson | February 5, 2008

Healthy People Cost More Than Smokers

and the obese. Seems dying young takes away the burden of the diseases of old age, Parkinson’s etc. This probably hasn’t taken into account the massive amount of tax smokers pay on their cigarettes. While I appreciate that their is a limited budget for health care, and therefore cost is important in clinical decisions, this just seems to prove that people are seen as nothing more than a burden on the state.

People are individuals, the state should be individuals combining to work together for the common good. The mndset of politicians and many people today is that the state is bigger than the people who exist to pay taxes, and not to take up to many resources, all for the good of the abstract entity that is the state. This may seem strange for a blog that normally worries about the make up of states and government (English Parliament etc) but I believe that the Nation State is the best way for the state to serve the people, as it should.

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