Posted by: secretperson | February 1, 2008

EU Fascism – There’s More

My favourite EUsceptic man on the inside Dan Hannan may be expelled from his euro party after comparing a decision of the EU parliament’s president to that of Hitler. He defends himself here.

What happened is that EUsceptic MEPs, angry with the ratification of the EU constitution (aka Lisbon Treaty) decided to protest in the only way they could using legal parliamentary measures to delay debates slightly. The President got powers to over rule this, despite admitting it was legal. So now whether an MEP can talk or not is decided by the president, not the rules.

In defence of this, it was pointed out that the pro-EU MEPs are a majority and Hannan pointed out that Hitler’s enabling act also was passed by a majority, but gave away constitutional power to one person. These powers are now open to abuse. Anyway, now the EPP group want to expel him for the ‘harsh’ Nazi reference. I am sure he won’t mind. Hannan is one of the prime movers trying to get Cameron to re-align the Tories with a less federalist group.



  1. I love Dan Hannan for saying what people all over EU is thinking. EU will not survive their fascist agenda, people will in the end vote for other people who does not want to belong to EU.

    EU is an abomination, a fascist powerhouse who has already abolished vote when it comes to EU.

    How could it happen again, now we are once again at the mercy of the Germans and people who do not want our oppinion on anything of vital interest to us all.

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