Posted by: secretperson | January 29, 2008

Can Conservatives Out-Sleaze Labour?

Following Orange Hain’s resignation for his arrogance ignoring basic funding rules, we may have some real, hardcore sleaze from the Conservatives. Not what Cameron would want when Labour were, probably for the first time in a few decades being seen as the new sleazy party. 

MP Derek Conway employed both his sons, and his wife at fairly exhorbitant fees as ‘researchers’. This is London are first to reveal the Tories have withdrawn the Whip. Good. When around a quarter of a million of taxpayers money is going to the family of an MP that is wrong. Mr Conway has admitted what he did to the House, but claims it was for genuine work. Surely he should have employed genuine workers? It should prompt calls for closer scrutiny of MPs huge expense accounts.

My only problem with the story was this quote
“It was claimed to be payment for work as a parliamentary assistant, when in fact he was a full-time university student hundreds of miles away in Newcastle upon Tyne.”
They obviously don’t understand the life of a ‘full-time’ student!


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