Posted by: secretperson | January 17, 2008

That’s not Education, It’s Brainwashing

Geography teaching in schools should be made more relevant, and more interesting according to <a href=””>this news story</a>. All very laudable, but the following sentence disturbs me

It is important that the citizens of tomorrow understand the management of risk, appreciate diversity, are aware of environmental issues, promote sustainability and respect human rights and social inclusion.

If the aspiration of schools is to create pupils who are active and well-rounded citizens, there is no more relevant subject than geography.

Education means facts and skills, not opinions. It should be making people who can understand and analyse problems, not trying to create pupils indoctrinated in their own image. That whole paragraph, from ‘appreciating diversity’, through ‘respecting social inclusion’ and finishing with schools aspiring, not to educate, but to produce active citizens? Crazy.


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