Posted by: secretperson | January 16, 2008

Regionalism – Would Scotland and Wales Accept It?

It has come to me, as I join the many interesting debates on Our Kingdom, that something has been neglected in the regionalism debates. (There are many!).

Often we supporters of an English parliament complain when Scottish politicians tell us what is best for England. And rightly so, I wouldn’t dare to tell the Scots what is best in their country. It often seems that the regional agenda is being pushed in the name of Scotland, because a big independent England would be too powerful in the Union. But I have just thought of something else.

If England was regionalised, and those regions had similar powers to the Scottish parliament (and Wales was upgraded), Wales and Scotland would be reduced to regions of the UK. Having established the Scottish parliament on the grounds that it was a ‘proud, historic nation’, it would then be placed level with such proud historic nations as ‘the North West’. Surely the Scots and Welsh wanting recognition as nations would expect more than sub-national regions and demand more power, reintroducing the problems of England’s substandard treatment.

So either we must recognise English nationalism as equivalent to and equally as worthy as Scottish and Welsh nationalism. Or we must tell the Scots and Welsh they too are nothing more than people to be divided amongst arbitrary administrative regions of practical size for the ruling class.



  1. Succinctly put, however as much as I believe in that the ordinary Scots, Welsh and Irish people have no problem with English nationalism it’s very, very clear that politicians of all stripes do. They are the ones pushing for regionalism in that the big kid on the block (England) would dominate any federal dealings in the union. Yet the regionalism they promote would have fewer powers than the current Welsh assembly never mind the Scottish Parliament and I have seen no indication otherwise from the ruling clique that it would or could be any other way.
    To my mind it’s not about fairness or democracy but it’s entirely about divide and conquer. Set the English regions at each others throats by playing one off against each other whilst the Scot’s, Welsh and Irish run their own little demesnes and the ruling class get on with selling the UK off to Europe and making a tidy profit in bribes and corruption on the side. After all if we’re too busy fighting each other, we’re not going to notice what they are really up too.

  2. A link to this post will be in the January 23 issue of Regional Community Development News. You can find it on the website. Please go there and check out the tools. Consider a link. Tom

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