Posted by: secretperson | January 14, 2008

BBC Lies on Barnett? No, not really.

Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph accuses the BBC of ‘fibbing’ for repeating the fact that Scottish people receive government funding more per head than those in England.

Apparently as the wealthiest parts of England get as much as the whole of Scotland, that is a fib! No it is still true. Why not compare the wealthiest parts of both? Why not the two capitals rather than the capital of England and the whole of Scotland? Why not just admit that it’s not the pure amount of funding, but how it is decided (which also negatively affects Wales).

Perhaps I could adopt the arguments here to another case, quoting the argument almost word for word:

The first report sought to perpetuate that old myth that we men are taller than women and regurgitated the fact that the “average” man has more height than his female counterparts.

The report, designed we must assume primarily for female consumption, ignored totally the fact – explained at length in this and other newspapers some time ago – that if height in women is examined, then Men comes out just ahead of both female polevaulters and highjumpers and actually below the height of female basketball players.

Hopefully even obsessed unionists can see how this is hardly a convincing argument.


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