Posted by: secretperson | January 10, 2008

Inevitable End of Union?

Yes it is inevitable if you believe the Guardian’s Ian MacWhirter writing here. (Hat tip to Witan Club homepage).

MacWhirter also adds that Westminster refuses to recognise what is happening. He is of course right here, and that is why I feel any inevitable end will be sooner rather than later. Despite the success of nationalist parties in the devolved assemblies and parliaments, the main Westminster parties remain resolutely pro-Union. Brown, Cameron and Clegg have all expressed support for the Union recently. Brown is known for going on and on about ‘Britishness’ and as a Scot with the powers of England’s de facto First Minister he has good reason to. Cameron supports the Union at all costs. Clegg supports regionalisation and devolution, but not any equality between the UK’s nations; as a Lib Dem proportional representation is his main aim in any constitutional reform.

Inevitable thought the trends may be, it will be a long time before the Westminster elite recognise any problem. There is a long hard battle to be fought, first for equality for the English. Then hopefully for acceptance that Nation States sharing a common identity are the best we to run a government. People will only accept decisions taken amongst a group they feel part of. People are happier and willing to do more when they feel part of their community or their country. There is inevitable change ahead, we need politicians to recognise that and act. Politicians should feel more able to act in the interests of the country and its people, under a stable constitutional set up based on well established national identities, rather than acting, as they do now, in the interests of preserving and abstract and outdated political framework.


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