Posted by: secretperson | January 2, 2008

NHS still ‘National’?

The NHS is apparently going different ways in the UK’s separate countries. No doubt many will say it’s no longer national, but I think it is more national with different solutions for the four nations that comprise the UK (sorry Cornwall).

I have no problems with NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and NHS NI doing their own thing, different to ‘the NHS’ (there of course exists no NHS England), but I’d be a lot happier if they didn’t all recieve more money per patient than in England. And if MPs from the other nations didn’t vote on English NHS issues. But hey, it’s just one other example of how in this disunited Kingdom, it is always England that loses out.



  1. […] outside London to a certain extent. Particularly as things like lottery grants are being diverted. The NHS is not national anymore. The treatment you are entitled to depends on which nation you live in. NHS Wales and NHS Scotland […]

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