Posted by: secretperson | January 2, 2008

England most Overcrowded in Europe

Except the tiny island of Malta. It is reported here in the Telegraph, and I think it means the EU and not Europe, but it’s most likely true of both.

Also in the story are links to other immigration stories that are worth a look. Dispelling the myth that immigrants only do jobs British people don’t want for one.

As usual, the British government are choosing a crowded future for England with their failure to tackle the immigration problem. Hiding the crowding statistics by including areas like the Scottish highlands won’t wash with those in the South East of England where the problem is worst. But cheap wages make the economy look good, and anyone who objects can just be called a racist? Not for mush longer with facts like this stacking up.



  1. […] country in Europe, overtaking Holland, and ignoring tiny Malta. I wrote a piece back on the 2nd of January quoting the Telegraph on this same fact. Unfortunately I foolishly accidentally linked to a […]

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