Posted by: secretperson | December 15, 2007

It’s Political Correctness gone Mad! V – Lion Rampant?

What’s the difference between a thunderstorm and a lion with it’s privates chopped off?

One pours with rain, and the other roars with pain.

OK, a rather feeble joke, but an intro to this story (hat tip to An Englishman’s Castle). The symbolic lion of the Nordic Battle Group has had it’s genitalia digitally removed because female soldiers were offended. It still has a mane, it is still clearly a male lion. Yep that’s it, ridiculous eh? I might complain that Britannia on our coins is too female and I can’t relate to her.

Also who are the Nordic Battlegroup? Part of the EU army apparently. I didn’t even realise there was an EU army. It seems to be the same as the rapid response force metioned a few years back. Anyway, one of the battlegroups (all one word!) is the British battlegroup and there is also a UK-Dutch joint one. Not sure what they will do if the UK tries to secede from the EU? Also one of them has Turkey in. Can’t let Turkey in the EU but will fight with them? I will never understand the bizarre mix that is the EU.



  1. Oh yes – htere’s an EUArmy all right. Merkel’s Army, loving springing from the loins of the Bruderheist in souterhn Germany – the most vicious bunch of thugs ever to grace the sewers beneath Europe.

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