Posted by: secretperson | December 15, 2007

Climate Crap

Breaking news some people from all over the world who have flown in carbon producing aeroplanes to the holiday resort of Bali have agreed to have some more talks, or initiated a process of negotiations.

This ‘massive step’ took a US about turn to agree. What to more talks? More expensive polluting flights to talk while having the moral high ground and sneering at people taking holiday flights. OK I am probably in a minority in being a Climate Change sceptic, but if the problem is as bad as they make out I don’t think they are doing much to solve it. But these people seem to have been really taken in by Al Gore’s film

Observers spoke of emotional scenes in the conference hall – the UN’s top climate official Yvo de Boer in tears after being accused by China of procedural irregularities, and cheers and hugs when the US indicated its acceptance.

Oh dear. Self congratulating idiots. Yeah, we’ve agreed new talks. We even got evil America to agree. We have saved the world. No you haven’t it’s all just gestures. Using biofuels reduces the world’s food supply. China is much more of a threat than America, however much you hate them. America hasn’t signed up to ambitious targets in the past, but actually is reducing carbon emissions not failing to meet some arbitrary target.

It’s so frustrating, has any scientist said “you must reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 and the world is saved”. It’s stupid, random, self loving, seen to be doing something and actually believing you’re a hero, crap.

Their are good reasons not to want to rely on Russia and the Middle East for energy, I applaud any genuine moves towards energy security, which means reducing our reliance on oil. But these people will improve nothing. They just want to feel they are on the side of good.



  1. I have four observations to make about this piece.

    1) The Bali negotiations were always about coming up with an agreement on what should be discussed leading to a post-Kyoto agreement. You cant have negotiations for a new international treaty without such a road map as they would go on forever.
    2) China is a problem. But so is the US. They have not reduced emissions as you claim, overall US greenhouse gas emissions have continued to increase in spite of their spending on technology (which will nevertheless be part of a solution alongside emission cuts).
    3) A scientist HAS said we need to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020. In fact they have suggested we need to reduce by more than this. On latest IPCC calculations global emissons need to have peaked and start to decline within 10 years if we are to avoid dangerous climate change.
    4) It is not a question of trying to be on the side of good. If governments want to base decisions on the basis of evidence rather than convenience, then they should listen to every single national and international academy of sciences and seek to address the problem. What is the point in paying scientists to do work then to ignore their results when it doesnt suit what you want?

  2. 1. Ok fair enough if that was the aim, but why so emotional if all they have agreed is more talks?

    2. I may be wrong about America reducing greenhouse emissions, but I think, despite not having ambitious targets they have done better than Europe (maybe increasing more slowly?). I will have to look this one up. My point is that setting ambitious targets and achieving them are very different things.

    3. 20% or more than 20%? It’s a worthy aim, but not an exact prediction.

    4. I am not convinced the science is so definite as you think, but yes most scientists agree on MMGW. But all flying off to Bali, agreeing to agree later, and cheering like they have saved the world. I’ll congratulate them if I see some results, this all seems like gesture politics. Flying private jets to an exotic location, then sneering at those taking a family holiday to Greece? Putting up air taxes to “reduce emissions” while approving another runway at Heathrow? They have a lot to do to convince me they are serious.

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