Posted by: secretperson | December 13, 2007

It’s Political Correctness gone Mad! IV – Football Kit Crusaders.

Thanks to A Tangled Web for this link about Muslims getting offended bya football kit. Now most of my PC gone mad posts are on guilty white liberals gone mad, or raving ‘Daily Mail’ types rallying against an imaginary threat. This time it’s one Muslim, so maybe PC gone mad is not the right title. But you can bet your bottom lira the PC crowd would back this man.Apparently Inter Milan’s football kit offends Muslims. It has on the shirt a red cross on a white background, a symbol of the City of Milan. Not unreasonable you might think for a Milanese football team. But when playing in Turkey it was interpreted, at least by lawyer Baris Kaska, as a symbol of the crusades. Apparently this guy is an expert in European law and is demanding damages and the result (Fenerbahçe 0 – 3 Inter) being annulled. Now I am no fan of European law but I struggle to see how this could be illegal.It also reminded Mr Kaska of Knights Templar, and while they did use this symbol I am not sure they had much relevance to Turkey, being more involved in Jerusalem. Although it was Turkey’s Ottoman Empire which ruled Jerusalem for many years. “It made me think immediately of the bloody days of the past” ah yes how the memories of the Knights Templar, disbanded in 1312, must come flooding back. I often find the very name Normandy offensive, reminding me as it does of the “bloody days of the past” in which my English ancestors were oppressed. I might sue them to change their name.I hate to think what Mr Kaska would make of me. As an Englishman I fly the flag of St George, a red cross on a white background. (The flag of Milan is actually that of St Ambrose) Or what would he make of Georgia which has five such symbols on its flag. Or Genoa. I can’t believe these offence-takers are so ridiculous. The Crusades are ancient.And of course PC only applies to past Western atrocities. The Crusades are bad because Europeans attacked the Middle East. Should we forget that Mohammed used force to expand Islam. The Islamic conquest of Spain? The last ditch defence of Vienna in 1529 and 1683. That’s right, Christian Europe was defending itself from the advancing Islamic Ottoman Empire almost 400 years after the last crusade (ignoring Indiana Jones of course).

So in summary. This man is over sensitive and mad. And ignore PC brainwashing that says only Europe had empires, religious crusades, slavery or anything else bad.



  1. I hate kebabs and the name istanbul. I demand that the name of istanbul be changed to constantinople imediately. I demand not to have my boo! hoo! feelings hurt.
    Of course this shite has nothing to do with hurt fuckin’ feelings; it has everything to do with power! And of course our oh so dainty fuckin’ loony left marxist scumbag wankers fall over themselves to accomodate such rubbish.
    I think we have ourselves to blame for some of this crap. It’s bought time we suffered the loony left no more.

  2. What’s strange is that Turkey is one of the saner more secular islamic states, so it sounds more like PC than Islamist power grabbing to me. Plus his team lost and he wants the result changed. I can’t believe he’s a lawyer, I watch a lot of football and I’ve never come across having an offensive kit as a reason to overturn a result! It’ll be interesting to hear how this turns out.

  3. The bloody days of the past?what like when the turks were butchering the Christian Armenians?.sorry if this sounds racist,no wait im not sorry but God i really f**king hate muslims,little better than animals.

  4. Andy, don’t worry about sounding racist there is no censorship here, and Muslim isn’t a race anyway, it’s a religion. Playing the race card to avoid criticism of a religion stuck 500 years in the past is ridiculous. It allows the crazy sort of understanding of history where people believe only European Christians can possibly have committed any bad acts in the past and any other group must have been and still be a victim needing special treatment. It’s incorrect, patronising and dangerous.

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