Posted by: secretperson | December 12, 2007

Vince Cable Hits Home Again

BBC news reports another Vince Cable knock out blow to Gordon Brown in parliament. Following on from the ‘Stalin to Mr Bean’ quote which so amused parliament (and the blogosphere), Gordon thought he’d try and get his own back with some humour. Didn’t his advisors warn him!Brown suggested that stand-in Lib Dem leader cable might be back in his job soon (referring to the quick turn over of Lib Dem leaders. Only for Vince to hit back with

Given his own position, he might not be wise to speculate about leadership elections.

Cable has been much more effective than Cameron in parliament, and it remains to be seen how Clegg or Huhne will do. But I think the Lib Dems have discovered that in Vincent Cable they have a deadly weapon – and that weapon is humour.


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