Posted by: secretperson | December 11, 2007

Mugabe – What a ….

Gordon may have boycotted the EU-Africa summit (while still sending a representative) but other European leaders, thinking themselves free from the criticisms of colonialism that would invariably taint any British criticism, let Mugabe know what they thought of the situation in Zimbabwe.

And he responded by having one of his state newspapers refer to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a Nazi! Well Germany have complained, understandably unhappy. Mugabe, of course, is much more of a Communist, same state control, same police oppressing political opponents, same ruining the entire economy to prove some stupid colonial point. Ah well Robert, you keep slandering anyone who dares to criticise you. It may seem important to protect your pride, but surely there are more important things. It may have escaped your notice but there are millions of people starving in your country. People wouldn’t criticise if you bloody well sorted that mess out first!


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