Posted by: secretperson | December 11, 2007

Brown to Sign EU ConsitutionTreaty After All.

It seems I was wrong and Brown will sign the treaty. But not before much fuss and no doubt many similar articles in the press expressing sentiments like mine. He will miss the signing ceremony but turn up later in the day and still sign it. He will also meet the Portuguese president Socrates, who has a nice name.

The Guardian report (linked above) claims the EU flag and anthem have been dropped but the Telegraph thinks otherwise, following a last minute attempt to include them by the Germans. Not having a flag and anthem was one of Brown’s dodgy claims that this Reform Treaty was different to the constitution. But lets face it whether a flag or anthem are written down makes no difference they will still be used.

As with the fuss about the British flag and anthem there is much more important stuff than symbols. Namely democracy and the chance to have our views represented in our own country.


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