Posted by: secretperson | December 10, 2007

Full Text of Cameron’s Speech

Following on from his Telegraph chat, here is David Cameron’s full speech, given in Edinburgh today. It addresses the same themes of Unionism as the stuff before. The repeated theme is ‘stronger together’.

He calls my political beliefs “the ugly stain of seperatism”, I prefer ‘independence’, ‘home rule’ or ‘national self-determination’.

if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom

Apart from, Mr Cameron, the UK is a multi-national state. My nation is England. Although later

We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be

So are we a nation or a multi-national society? Also a little PC rubbish. If you think England means single faith and single ethnicity you are wrong. Are you implying separatists are racist? Apparently part of Britishness is respect for parliament. You’re not helping respect it, David.

He is right in saying that the Tories support looking at Barnett and the West Lothian question, and this is better than Labour. But the emphasis is always on the Union ranking above these questions of fairness. There is a certain amount of Labour bashing and politicking. The Tories will fight for Scotland’s needs. Don’t know how with power devolved. Many of their laws will be, like Labour’s, applicable only to England. Let us hope when passing laws on England, it is England’s interest, rather than that of the Union that comes first.

On the bright side we seem to have touched a nerve. If enough English people threaten ‘ugly separatism’ maybe the Westminster Unionists might listen to us for once. Come on England, let’s tell them what England wants from this Union.


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