Posted by: secretperson | December 10, 2007

Cameron Confesses – Union at All Costs

As I mentioned yesterday, today David Cameron is interviewed in the Telegraph for their terrible “Call Yourself British” campaign. Unfortunately there is no comment section on his interview, because I have a lot I would like to say to him.

It is a strange article, partly because they seem to have posted it twice. But ignoring what is probably a technical error, I find his views strange anyway. I understand that as a “committed unionist” he will want to push the case for the union. But he refers to English Nationalism as playing games, and makes the shocking admission

Point one, an imperfect Union is better than anything that threatens it. The Union always comes first.

and in a summary article

The Union comes first. We are a Unionist party. I would rather have an imperfect Union rather than some perfect constitutional construct that would threaten the Union.

That’s what I have always suspected, preserving the Union at all costs. Any changes which may ‘threaten it’, even if they make everyone in the UK better off I guess, would be bad. I know Cameron has mixed ancestry and I hope it’s that and not more power that lets him say

I want to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom not England.

He does promise to look at the Barnett formula, but warns not much may change. He promises the Tories will fight the next election with an answer to the West Lothian question, but admits it’s “not one of my top five issues”.

But it doesn’t look good for those supporting an English parliament. No doubt Cameron would see that as threatening the Union, and therefore unthinkable. His promised look at reforming Barnett and addressing England’s democratic deficit, will all be coming from a point of view where ‘preserving the union’ is all that matters. I admit, it’s better than Labour’s refusal to look at the English Question, but it’s still not promising.

All this Unionism relies on English people putting up with a disadvantaged situation. We need to let Cameron and Brown and all the rest know, that we are not willing to sacrifice anymore. If they want to preserve the Union, they are going to have to make it work for England too, and put the needs of the people they are supposed to serve above the needs of the political institutions that serve them.



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