Posted by: secretperson | December 9, 2007

Hatton Loses. Breaking News.

Just watched the Ricky Hatton – Floyd Mayweather fight. Unfortunately surviving on three hours sleep was wasted, Hatton was knocked out in the tenth. He fought well, was aggressive and went forward the whole match, but Mayweather was tactically better, waited, ducked a lot, and caught Hatton with jabs every time he tried to close. The referee seemed to break them up easily early on which didn’t help. Anyway Hatton took a bit of a battering in the ninth, and was tired in the tenth. He took a hard blow to the side of the head while trying to land a punch and fell through headfirst into the corner piece of the ring. He got up again, but was stunned, a couple more shots he was over again and his trainer through in the towel. It’s a shame, but Ricky remains a genuine nice guy, proper local Manc lad. He’ll be a good loser (I have my doubts about Mayweather being a good winner). Whatever the result he’ll still be a hero back in England.  


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