Posted by: secretperson | December 8, 2007

Gordon is Scared of Portugal? Or Just More Macavity?

We all know Gordon Brown is boycotting the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon. Although it’s a strange boycott where you send along a representative instead, Baroness Amos. Clare Short claims it’s cos she is black. Anyway how can it be not OK for Brown but OK for Amos, what does that say about her standards?

Not only that but he will also miss the EU constitution (aka treaty of Lisbon) signing in, umm, Lisbon. What happened last time he was there. Was he run out of town by an angry sheriff and threatened with death of he returned? Does the weather not suit him?

Or is it yet again Gordon Brown trying to keep out of the public eye at controversial times. His Macavity like behaviour has been noted before. It might have worked as Chancellor, but as Prime Minister you can’t try and avoid the flak by getting someone else to appear at the signing. We all know it’ll be signed on your behalf Gordon. We all know you still have a government representative meeting Mugabe. Hide all you want, but when the criticism comes flying it’ll be addressed to the Prime Minister. The buck stops at 10 Downing Street. Start doing your job Brown.



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