Posted by: secretperson | December 8, 2007

Anyone want to Chip in for Magna Carta?

The BBC have a link to their News Player for a news report on the sale of a copy of Magna Carta. I dug up this Times article which talks about a sale in mid-December. Guess that’s the same one. It’s a copy from 1297, sealed by Edward I (Hammer of the Scots!), as Magna Carta was reissued many times after John agreed the original in 1215. The British library, which houses two copies of the original, has an English translation of it at the link given.It could go for up to £15 million. I’m a bit short so I wondered if I’d have any takers for a joint bid on an important part of English constitutional history? We could frame it when we re-establish an English parliament – another important step in English constitutional history.


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