Posted by: secretperson | December 7, 2007

It’s Political Correctness gone Mad! II – Ho Ho Ho

The Daily Mail has this story on a Santa being sacked as the word ho is offensice to women. I knew the PC gone mad category would get some entries. Hat-tip to Theo Spark if you like jokes and naked women it’s well worth a look.

It reminds me of something else I read here about a Microsoft Messenger Santa you could chat to that comes out with some rude suggestions if you type the right things. Someone in the comments on that article made a joke that Santa was rude as he called them a ho. Three times. Life imitiating comedy.

On the subject of life imitating comedy, compare the picture in this post by Theo Spark (again!) with the picture in this Telegraph story first mentioned in my PC gone mad I post. Uncanny.


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