Posted by: secretperson | December 7, 2007

New Funding Scandal Involving Brown?

The Independent reports here on Paul Myners, one of Gordon’s outside appointments leading some kind of task force. He declared when appointed he hadn’t donated to a political party. He hadn’t, but he had donated to Gordon Brown’s leadership campaign! This came to light after a Question Time appearance in which he attacked leading Tories as arrogant toffs.

As some may know, a percentage of the deputy leadership monies collected had to be passed to the Labour party, though I don’t know if the leadership election had the same rules. We should also remember that there was no leadership election, Brown was crowned. I wonder what he spent Mr Myners’ £12,700 on. Mr Myners himself is certainly not short of cash, the job he was appointed to, under Brown’s premiership, earns him £150,000 a year for two days a week work. Nice work if you can get it!

Apparently “Paul Myners is not a civil servant and is therefore not subject to the Civil Service code.” So what role do these people play? Not accountable to the electorate. Not accountable to the code of conduct for Civil Servants. This is the same as Tony’s Cronies, a culture of undemocratic, bureaucratic and quangocratic rule. It represents the political class, but without the politics. It is the same as all the party donors becoming Lords. It is the same as ‘political advisors’ employed at the tax payers expense, politicising the civil service.

His appointment following an undeclared donation may have been within the letter of the law, but it was most definitely not in the spirit of the law.

Lose these unelected advisors Brown. Never mind a government of all the talents, we want a government that is accountable. And we want a civil service of all the talents, all of whom obey a strong code of conduct and are party independent. Implementers must be talented and independent, decision makers must be open and accountable. Accountable means no Scottish votes on English issues, it means no decisions made by unelected appointees. Independent means no jobs for your mates and those who have given you money.

Is it really so hard to understand?

hat-tip to Letters from a Tory.


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