Posted by: secretperson | December 7, 2007

Labour Sleaze – Livingstone and Jasper

There seems to be some trouble with links, but this is working for now. Thanks to m burgess comenting on Iain Dale. It seems Lee Jasper, Ken’s race relations adviser, may have been a bit lax when it comes to money being handed out to ‘Black and Minority Ethnic’ projects. (Curious phrase, are Black people not minority ethnic, are they special in some way?).

I haven’t had time to see the full facts or think about it but Livingstone is backing Jasper all the way. And Jasper has cried racism. Well that’s what he is payed for after all! More evidence of the problems of unaccountability. The public cannot vote out Jasper, he is no doubt not held to the high standards as civil servants should be. He is entirely reliant on Ken’s patronage, and will only go if he becomes sufficiently damaging to Livingstone’s re-election campaign. Unless he has done anything illegal I guess.

Here is another Andrew Gilligan article in the London Standard detailing how Jasper, on £117,000 a year, lives in a council house. He pays about a sixth of the expected rent, which he could well afford, and deprives a low income family of a home.

Doesn’t look good Lee.


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